It’s time to say good bye to sleepless nights

The Think Sleep program has been designed to help you do two things: Firstly, help your body relax and unwind physically and second, teach you how to calm your mind. The key to a good night’s sleep is to switch off your thinking and let go of physical tension.

Think Sleep will have you sleeping soundly before you know it. The program uses a variety of hypnotic techniques along with ancient chi-kung breathing, meditation and visualization. Think Sleep helps you program your brain and body to enter a deep trance and to completely relax when it is time to sleep.

You have more than 20 sessions to choose from ranging from 15 minutes long to almost 3 hours.

You will finally discover the easy and drug -free way to a good night’s sleep.

Sleep sessions include:

  • Deepest sleep ever 2 hours
  • Sleep compilation 3 hours
  • Deep sleep phenomena 32 min
  • Sleep temple 24 min
  • Sweet dreams 30 min
  • Tranquil night 22 min
  • Sound asleep 24 min
  • Out like a light 17 min
  • And more …….


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What others are saying


“Think Sleep is like a tranquiliser. I had trouble sleeping for many years but now I am out like a light every night.” Neil Bryant Albion Park

“Mark’s voice is so relaxing in the beginning I would rarely get to the end of a hypnosis session without falling asleep. I am also much more relaxed during the day and I have so much more energy. The program has taught me the methods to let go of stress and switch my mind off. Now after using Think Sleep for a few months I only use it once or twice a week. Most nights I use the relaxation exercises and breathing exercises to go to sleep.” Janette Green Newcastle

“For years I had suffered insomnia. If I did get to sleep I would soon wake up again. Tossing and turning all night long. Not any longer, I now have a great sleep every night. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my back. Thank you for such a great program.” Enid Baracek Melbourne.

“No more sleeping tablets. Finally a way of falling asleep that is easy and natural. The only side effect is I am much happier and am bouncing around with energy. I love it because it is so easy to use and is giving me the deepest sleep every night.” Judith Johnston Sydney

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