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Save $202 on the MindFree App Pain Control Programme

As seen on A Current Affair july 2018

Chloe Davenport’s extremely rare condition fills her body with pain doctors say is worse than childbirth.

As seen on Today Extra October 2017

Sonia Kruger and David Campbell interview Mark Stephens about the new MindFree app.

As seen on Sunrise Weekends October 2017

Meditate Your Weight Away: Mindfree app promotes meditation as key to weight loss. Video available only on Sunrise Facebook page

Video Lessons

150+ Videos

Audio Sessions

300 meditation and hypnosis sessions


eBooks to support you in reaching your goals

Programs you get in the MindFree App


Learn to meditate the weight away. Think Slim will help you break the bad habits and reach your goal weight.


Think Sleep gently guides you step by step to calm your mind and completely relax for a deep, peaceful sleep.


In Think Calm the Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and self-hypnosis sessions will help you de-stress and feel happy.


Learn to eliminate the old triggers with the 7 Day Think Quit program and be smoke free before you know it.


Learn to turn the pain switch off with more than 20 self hypnosis sessions specific to pain control.


MindFree provides the ultimate meditation-hypnosis-therapy app to support you to be pain-free, stress free, fat free, insomnia free, smoke free and phobia free.

Our mindfree programmes allow you to release your past, be present more often and create a positive, compelling and abundant future for yourself your family, your friends and your community.

25 years of product development has gone into bringing you the best solutions to the most common challenges you face.  The MindFree app supports you to live a healthy, harmonious and happy life. We help you be the best version of yourself you can be.

Your results are our mission and we look forward to hearing about your success.

What do I get?

  • More than 385 audio and video sessions
  • A lifetime subscription for a mindset of health and happiness
  • No upgrade fees ever
  • Free new content delivered monthly
  • Every Think Slim audio and video session ever published
  • Selected sessions now available in female voice
  • Entire range of Think Calm, Think Sleep, Think Quit and Phobia Free audio and video sessions
  • Think Slim Diet book and Retreat Cookbook as eBooks
  • Reminder timer for drinking water, activity, meditation and posture
  • Daily mantra and daily action step to help keep you on track

What else is in the MindFree app?

  • Pain Control Hypnosis
  • Mindful eating meditations to help you control portions
  • Short mantra meditations to change your mindset
  • New sleep sessions for your deepest sleep ever
  • Motivation sessions to inspire you to burn the fat
  • And every new session we create into the future

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Our retreats will help you rewire your mind for success. Transform yourself with Mark’s help. All retreats include the Hypnotic Lap Band.   Click here to visit our retreat website


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What the mindfreeapp community are saying…

From Zero to Hero

“I made it! I have hit the 60 Kgs before I hit 61 years!!!! I went to the Gym and ran or swam my way to 59.9 kg. I have set myself goals along the way, one being able to do a 10 km run after 100 days. I now run 10 kms every second day. I can’t believe I’m doing these exercises. I amaze myself!!! Exercising makes me not only physically better but also mentally stronger”

– Joanne Gibson – 

My Professor is so impressed he wants to send all of his patients

“I am now 15.5 kg less than when I started 8 weeks ago. I haven’t been tempted to eat sweet or starchy food and have no cravings at all. My Professor is so impressed he wants to send all of his patients to you and doesn’t believe me that I haven’t eaten chocolate or cake or even bread and butter since I began. So thank you again Mark there is emerging from this large body a NEW ME”

– Jenny Bross – Sydney – 

I have released 39kg

I have gone from strength to strength and from my initial weigh in at 137.6kgs I have released 39 kgs. The hypnotic lapband session was fantastic and it had an immediate effect on reducing my serving sizes dramatically without any hunger. I listen to the sessions daily and it helps keep me on track. I now have a healthy and active lifestyle and am continuing to release the excess weight and reclaim my life

– Tracy Hall – 

It changed my life

“A wonderful tool I found most helpful is Mark’s pre recorded sessions. At any time, day or night I can have ‘instant’ assistance and reassurance with a session there to hand. It changed my life.”

– Kim Hutchins – 

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