Little Forest Health Retreat is the perfect place to lose weight, overcome food addictions, stop smoking or simply de-stress. You will feel like you are a million miles from nowhere yet the retreat is only 2.5 hours south of Sydney. At Little Forest our rejuvenation and wellness programs are focused on the enrichment of your mind, body and spirit.

The majority of weight loss retreats around the world focus on diet, exercise and pampering. The Little Forest experience is also about unloading your emotional baggage. Through hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, goal setting and coaching you will be supported to transform negative thinking patterns and free your-self from whatever is holding you back.

A thousand feet above sea level with one hundred kilometres of coastline view, Little Forest is the perfect place to renew your body, detoxify your mind and not think about anything else but yourself and your goal

“The Hypnotic Lap Band session is scarily real and amazingly effective.”
“You feel like you are not hungry straight away! Little Forest Health Retreat is the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful place I’ve ever been to. Everyone should go there at least once in their life! The hypnosis and sessions with Mark are Life-changing and soul revitalising. Don’t waste your money on quick fix “diets”- save your money and go to one of these- it will change your life! – Carole-Ann Kerford

Little Forest is spectacular, serene, stunning, beautiful, relaxing, comfortable and a magical place.
Diane Michaels

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Shrink your tummy at the Mind free / Hypno Lap band weekend, 5 day Innermakeover and 7 day slimming retreats